Mission Statement

The purpose of the Transfinity KC Chorus is to create an affirming and supportive space that inspires Trans people and allies to discover and share their voice.

The mission of Transfinity KC Chorus is to express our voices and enrich the greater community through music.

Our values are: respect, diversity, excellence, authenticity, and solidarity.

(Photo/ Julie Denesha)

History of Transfinity KC Chorus

Late in 2015, our founder and current Chairperson, Gillian Powers went to Boston on a business trip.  On this trip she attended a choral rehearsal by the Boston’s Butterfly Music Transgender Chorus.  During this visit she met founder Sandi Hammond, a non-trans performer and voice teacher.  “I was so deeply moved,” Gillian recalls, “and I said, ‘Kansas City needs a chorus too!”

“Many transgender people really struggle with their voice on many levels – their speaking voice, their telephone voice, their radio voice — and especially their singing voice,” Gillian says.

“A person’s sense of identity is so inextricably linked to their voice. For a transgender person, establishing their true identity is a considerable undertaking, fraught with perils,” she says. “Creating a space where those voices can emerge is profound on many levels.”

Upon returning to Kansas City Gillian reached out to friends and social media to garner support.  The first meeting was an open call for support and then on December 29, 2015 a group gathered around the conference table at the LIKEME Lighthouse. 

What was hoped to be a meeting of a few committed individuals turned out to be 15.  Several people had performed in or led church choirs. Others had graduated with degrees in vocal performance and conducting, or composed symphonies. Still others had organizational skills.  With prior collaboration with the leadership of the Heartlands Men Chorus, that night the Heartland Trans Chorus became a reality.